Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Sunday stroll...and a thousand crepes

Sunday was a big day for the Le Grand Pressigny randonnée club...over 200 walkers joined us for the 'Randonnée des crêpes'. It was a good walk up by the chateau before heading out for a circular route around the village.

The weather could have been kinder but didn't really detract from a good walk.

A welcome break.

On the home straight...

as Etableau beckons.

Views from the bridge at Etableau.

The village in sight...

and it was back to the Salle-des-Fetes for cider and crepes...there were plenty to go round as club members, including Pauline, has made over 1000!!!. they were well received by the visitors and later, after a military style clear up,by the club members as well...good day.

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  1. We did one of these in LGP a couple of years ago with friends who belong to the Montrichard group. The crepes were wonderful and well worth the walk!