Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Non perdu à Villeperdue...a walk around

We went along to our first Vide Greniers on Sunday at Villeperdu, it was held in the sportshall undercover for obvious reasons. As we were there and it didn't take us long to check out what was on offer, we decided to seek out a walk for the day.There was no route plan in the centre of town but we spotted some yellow markings as we were heading out. They led us to the charming private Chateau Boisbonnard on the outskirts of town where they went off in a couple off directions. It was a good spot to pick up the trail as we knew  we would end up back where we started!

The route was well marked which was encouraging.

It took us left past the sportshall we had visited earlier but almost immediately were told by the markings to turn right but they were only sending us over the zebra crossing...such detail.

It was then a little climb over the railway line...

which is the main Paris to Bordeaux TGV line which actually splits the town in two.

We were taken down the road that runs parallel to the track on the other side of the bridge and were just saying that we wouldn't enjoy living here as it's a busy line when we were overtaken by this chap.

A view of the church (which I have featured her) from the other side of the track.

Another reason it's not a great place to live...this is one of your neighbours.

Although who knows how it may look in the future? This is just around the corner.

Its neighbour hasn't quite had the same sympathetic conversion applied!

Back out into the countryside I spotted what looked like two dogs in the distance.

They turned out to be part of a large family of deer which all raced away as we approached.

We were soon heading back over the railway line on our way back to the car... was no surprise to see another train hurtling by.

It was soon back to Chateau Boisbonnard and the car.

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