Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Amboise - Brocante Vide-grenier de la Pentecôte

We did not brocante at the weekend as we had two changeovers to to do at our rental houses,one at 'Les Balcons' on Saturday and we started one at the 'Old Walnut Mill' on Sunday (guests arriving Monday),we left Sunday afternoon clear to visit the 'Garden Party' at Le Grand-Pressigny

We did however visit the very large annual Amboise brocante which is held on the Monday after Pentecost on the banks of the river Loire. As it was a national holiday it seemed that everyone had the same idea! Parking was a bit of a nightmare but we managed to find a spot up a back street that was still within walking distance.

It was a glorious day weather-wise and the trees on part of the river bank offered welcome shade.

There was the usual rich melange of 'treasure' on offer...

...even a boat with its own porthole!

a rather 'kitch' kitchen unit

this handy suit for the (k)nightshift

 and this item for the trained eye.

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  1. You get worse Jim... I see you could have had a new head... with hair... Hee Hee Hee