Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Friendship...lifting spirits and trailers!

Our time here in France as 'Europeans' and 'world citizens' has been one of building a new set of friends to add to those still close to us back in Scotland and embracing a different culture to add 'into the mix', Our 'jobs' as hosts to visitors to this beautiful part of the world has exposed us to people from many corners of the globe and has only helped cement our belief that we are all the same, same hopes,dreams and fears. Yes there are a tiny minority out their who see their role here as to test us,sometimes to the extreme but they will fail.

At a time when the UK seeks to get back its sovereignty,which it never actually lost, and to restrict the movement of people we should consider that it is only by allowing ourselves to embrace new people and cultures that we grow as human beings. Of course issues of 'controlling our borders' are important but how they are somehow going to be easier than they have proven elusive in the past by not working with our neighbours is anyone's guess! I am a simple soul yet see the mess we are in (and it is a mess) as having been purely politically and monetarily motivated certainly not with people in mind,we seem to be an afterthought.

Anyway back to the was never meant to get political but it reminded me that sometimes working together has its rewards. A friend noticed recently that while working with my trusty trailer in helping the good folks of Le Grand-Pressigny transport equipment for their recent 'Garden Party' that it did not have a jacking wheel which rendered some aspects of working with it rather more difficult - and surprised me with a present, which I've now gotten around to fitting. His act of friendship lifted my spirits and my trailer!

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