Monday, 5 June 2017

Sundays ranndonne at La Guerche

Mike and Liz joined us on Sunday for the walk from La Guerche

We left the village by crossing over the Creuse and heading up into the countryside towards La Rond de Chene

It was a tough climb to start a walk..but got easier as we leveled off and headed for the hamlet of Montant

Then it was back through the woods to the hunting lodge at the centre of the forest for a refreshment.

Refreshed we set off again...

Part of the route was a bit iffy but the organisers had gone to the trouble of highlighting awkward rocks under-foot with paint.

Woodland no-entry sign.

As we headed back down to the village we got this great view of the chateau.

Back over the bridge the route to us around the village to show off some of the delightful properties...

and some less salubrious!

We  were then guided into the chateau grounds to enjoy the hospitality of the owner and his family.

Emanuel, the eldest son of the owner,whom I had done the first part of the walk with, was gracious enough to give us a tour of the underground vaults of the chateau.

A very good morning all in all.

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