Saturday, 3 June 2017

Randonnee club Le Grand Pressigny...a walk around the countryside

Thursday's walk with the randonnee club (Le Grand Pressigny) had us heading out of the village along  Avenue Andre Theuriet (where we have Les Balcons) which took us past my favourite view (have I said this before?)...

and over the river Claise.

We headed along the Barrou road before diverting through the hamlet of Courveaux with its ancient houses

We then climbed up the hill, crossed over the main road into the woods.

David (Henderson) showed us the building that used to have a secret cave for hiding salt to avoid the very high tax (gabelle) that was inflicted on Touraine during the 16th century. 

It was deep!

A potential resting place...unused!

As we headed back down towards the village we passed this wheat field.

Back over the Claise up into the village after 12km...

...for a much needed refreshment in the village square under a beautiful sky.

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