Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Abilly fete de la confiture

There was a new venue for this year's 'Fete de la confiture' in the nearby village of Abilly (Sunday) with everything being moved to the 'l'île de la Claise', which proved to be an ideal location other than there is only one way on to the island, which meant anyone more used to the brocante being spread through the streets had to cross the river Claise (or not,depending on your approach) as there is no access from the village side.


On another very hot day it proved to be an inspired decision with the trees offering some shade from the bright sunshine.

The 'jam' element of the day seems to play less and less of a role as the years go by...or did we miss something? 

We were not tempted by the singing fish but did buy an 'Art Nouveau' brass picture frame from the stallholder.

You should know by now that I am now rarely surprised by the bizarre items that can be found at such events and adding custom stainless steel exhausts to the list, for me,isn't a problem.  

Spotted this stallholder getting a bit ahead of himself!

My other purchase on a blisteringly hot day? an electric panel heater...and why not!

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