Sunday, 26 February 2012

Distorted view of Paris...

 Still have a few posts re Paris visits - here are some pics from our strolls around the city.

The old and the new

'Trained' eye.

Towers - Institut du Monde Arabe


  1. Jim you have a stray picture showing on the RHS of your blog... Col

  2. You can check bus times (horaires) on the web site - just look for line G to Tours from Ligueil or wherever on the date and approx time you think you might want to travel. If you can get there, also check the return journey! The website knows all about school days etc.

  3. The Arabian nights have slipped off to the right!

    WV is "parssio enclo" which describes what's happened with the towers pic... they've escaped their enclo in par[i]ssio... no apolllollogies!