Saturday, 11 February 2012

Back to life...

We returned home to a very cold Le Grand Pressigny on Monday, after a very sad trip to Scotland.

I understand new records are being set as to how cold it is! Don't remember signing up for this - one of the main reasons for coming to France was to escape the Scottish weather, ironically its been warmer over there recently. I remember when we were thinking about buying our first house in Barrou, we spent time here during the winter months without the 'rose coloured spectacles' on and were happy that although it was naturally colder.and wetter, it was fine and talking to locals we were reassured to learn that it was a fairly typical winter and was over before you knew it!.

During the first winter (2005) we had the house, we were a little concerned as to how it was standing up to its first winter empty, so we made the trip across in January to be met with snow - apparently the first in twenty years and we have had it every winter since! As it happens the house was fine and it has proven to be a good house to 'winterize'.

We have chosen to live in our LGP house during the winter months as it needs heating and we are as well to take advantage of it! It will be an expensive exercise as our central heating system is currently run off electricity which is not cheap!. It is a dual option boiler but we only just got it working again after bit of modification to the system and did not have time to check out the fuel oil option - maybe next winter!
It is backed up by our log-burner which gives off a super heat so we are quite cosy!

Footnote: Just as I was typing "as to how cold it is" '(Love is like a) Heatwave' by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas started to play on my Motown Gold CD - raised a smile!


  1. What a stunning photo. Wish I was there to see it for myself.
    We are hoping all the daffodils will be out and the tulips on their way by the time we are next chez nous at Easter.

    1. Jean, you'll have to ask Jim for use of this pic... you can then make it your Christmas card next year!

  2. Not so sure you'd enjoy current temperatures!

  3. Welcome home! Is there anything you are really short of? And can you use a frozen cabbage [thaws out fine, but will need using fairly quickly!]