Monday, 13 February 2012

Life goes on,,,

Despite sub-zero temperatures and snow.

A depleted Sunday market was in evidence yesterday in Descartes, showing a bit of defiance to the winds from Siberia.

We had intended going for a walk through the town's gardens but were denied this by a locked gate 'cause' of the snow!

We did manage a short walk around the outskirts to see the snow's effect.


  1. Very pretty set of shots Jim... looked pretty... pretty cold that is! I made it as far as GP yesterday for the Sunday paper and some milk to make a batch of yoghurt... and then retreated!
    But I got some good pics of the iced hazel just after the lavoir on the way out to PP... wait a while and I'll be putting them up on the blog.

    WV is "fuctlepo"... we'll find out how many lepos are once the thaw starts!

  2. Lovely photos - that amazing blue sky. It must make up for the cold!!
    It has thawed a bit here in Derbyshire but the ground is solid and the ice remaining on the surface is lethal. Although the car tells me it's 4°C it's dull, damp and grey with a bitterly cold wind. Blue sky would be so much nicer !!