Thursday, 2 February 2012

Friends and family...

Pauline and I would like to thank everyone who has offered their support through what is a difficult time. It is at times like these you become acutely aware of the value of good friends and family. I am very lucky to have the support of a large family - I am one of seven children - and my heart goes out to those who have face this situation alone. While never actually 'living in each other's pockets 'The Craigs' have always been there for each other and when we get together as we have over the last few weeks we come to understand what it is that bonds such a motley crew. It is this bond along with that of our adopted family, our wives and husbands and their families, that makes us who we are. Even though as individuals we have grown and changed over the years the values instilled by our parents have thankfully, endured.

Our friends old and new have shown us that one way to offer support is by communication - in whatever form, a few words in an email (or blog ) a telephone call and even in writing, yes, some people still do! With this now being simplified with modern technology there is no excuse for not getting in touch with someone who might appreciate some contact. It is very easy to lose such contact and take the apathetic approach of 'well they never contact me'- don't let pride stand in the way, make the first move - you will be glad you did!

Many thanks again,
Jim & Pauline

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