Thursday, 16 February 2012

Raising the roof...

While we were away in Scotland work started on replacing our barn roof at our Barrou house. David,our neighbour was kind enough to take some photographs for us in our absence.

Bad timing?
The timing was slightly unfortunate as it was no sooner removed than the heaviest snowfall we'd had in years started!

So before they could start to put up the new roof they had to clear all the snow from the first floor. They continued to work in sub-zero temperatures to get the frames up so they could get a cover over it as more heavy snowfalls were predicted.

It was a good decision as no sooner had they the covers on, that more snow hit!


  1. Brrrrrr... Good luck with your project. Love, Jim & Sandra

  2. Will keep us out of mischief for a wee while!

  3. Now we know who to blame for the snow... bonne chance with this... we are bracing ourselves for similar this year with the longere.
    We will be causing the weather when that happens.

  4. Keep that bad weather down your way you two... We don't want it up here...