Thursday, 23 August 2012

Are the stars out tonight?- 3...

My third story on this theme relates to Pauline and I being together so long -we have been together for 40 years (married 37) - I know those of you out there who know us are saying that we are not old enough but it's true!- and sometimes being a little too much in-tune.

During one of our early holidays here Pauline was relaxing on the patio reading and I was pottering about the courtyard when,as is my want, I burst into song and started to sing "are the stars out tonight..." which was a really odd choice as at the time the sun was splitting the sky (where does that come from?). Anyway at this Pauline let out a yelp - not an uncommon response to my singing - and asked if I had been looking at her book. "No - why would I?" I replied. Only to be told that as I started to sing she was reading a line in her book which read something like  "As she lay there the sound of her favourite song washed over her with the words ... are the stars out tonight?"
Spooky or what!!!


  1. Do you believe in telepathy? Maybe you should! :) Martine

  2. Maybe...have been known to answer question before its asked!!!