Sunday, 26 August 2012

Church on Sunday...Betz-le-Chateau

The  church of Saint-Etienne sits in the centre of the pretty little village of Betz-le Chateau (of banana party fame) in Indre et Loire. 

The apse of the church dates back to the12th century with the side chapels from the 15th.

It was built by Pierre de Betz and originally dedicated to St. John the Baptist (now the Virgin Mary). Church papers show it as being intended to house the remains of the lords of Betz.

From the village website: "In 1884, when we dug the basement of the church to open the door of the sacristy, were discovered stone tombs, a tombstone bearing in Gothic letters incomplete list of the lords of Betz., A woman's head, is likely a mausoleum and a sword called "Sword of Peter Betz" and who disappeared in 1988." I particularly like the bit about the 'disappearing sword'.

The nave and facade of the church are fro the late 19th century

There is a 'Lobin' window featuring Saint Etienne...

Plus an interesting baptismal font  featuring electrical supply - I would have to box that in!!

Where's Joan?...

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