Thursday, 16 August 2012

Annual event...

Our 'quinzième Août' day over at nearby Lesigny proved to be as good as ever - pre-lunch walk around the stalls of the brocante, great long lunch at our hosts Mike and Liz's along with David and Karen, back to buy at brocante and view the 'classic cars' and finally 'up and down the river' in the afternoon - we know how to live!!

There was a bit of confusion when someone tried to buy this lady's washing...but peace ensued.

The 'classic cars' display proved as popular as ever (or was it the beer tent?) with one of my personal favourite being...

...this classical beauty.

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  1. Your classical beauty is in fact a re-bodied Traction Avant!
    It was at the Auto Bourse in Chatellerault this year on the Traction Avant display and there was a lot of information about the coachbuilders... which was so interesting I immediately forgot!!
    If you look at the doors you will see the resemblance. It is about the only bit of Traction still there, I think!!

    The wv is "finkshall 42" which is a suitable name for the beast I think.