Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Barrou Brocante...

It was our annual brocante on Sunday here in Barrou and for our visit in the morning the weather held out and we had a very pleasant time browsing the 'stuff' on display and did a lot of "faire la bise" with friends and neighbours.

There is a lovely house on the square which is owned by the very flamboyant Jean-Charles and he was displaying his artist friends work in a rather unusual way. We had never seen inside the house,though we have had the invitation to 'come and take an aperitif' but as yet had not taken him up on this. Today we had a chance to view the interior - it is, not surprisingly - like his own little Versailles. 

There was not any really bizarre items on sale - or perhaps the unexpected has become expected to us...

though these little men looked as though they had not seen a lot of 'action' for a while!

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  1. I have never seen a doll with a six-pack before!