Sunday, 5 August 2012

Church on Sunday...St. Etienne, Chinon

 There has been a church dedicated to St. Etienne (Saint Stephen) in Chinon since the 11th century but the current church dates predominately from the 15th.

The flamboyant gothic influence is in evidence from the moment you step through the elaborate portal.

It was constructed between 1460 and 1490  replacing an 11th century church that was destroyed. It comprises a nave of five bays, two side chapels, a choir of two bays and a polygonal apse. 


The stained glass windows are by the master glass-maker Julien-Leopold Lobin who's workshops provided many of the windows for the 19th century church-building programme in the region.

There is an ornately sculpted pulpit, with panels representing the gospels.

There is also an example of a twelfth century fresco within the church.

The church's organ loft is from the 19th century.

Where's Joan...

As you would expect here in Chinon she is not hard to find. There is a large a white marble statue of Joan as you enter the church.It is by the sculptor Francois Sicard.

Outside you can view the 15th century bell tower and the gothic windows and door.

I tried to get an external view of of the apse but it seemed,not for the first time, to be enclosed in someone's garden! 

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