Sunday, 16 September 2012

Church on Sunday...Monts

The church of Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens  in the village of Monts on first glance appears quite innocuous, if not unattractive. It is a design that is repeated by degrees throughout Indre et Loire because of the influence and designs of busy19th century architect Gustave Guérin.

The church, like most others in the region, sits on the site of its 12th century predecessor (1114) of which very little remains.

There is a very impressive fresco depicting  the last judgement in the centre of the nave...

...and a restored earlier fresco on the ceiling of the apse.

There is also a very ornate side chapel... all in all, a church full of surprises.

Where's Joan ?...

If you are visiting Chateau Cande  its worth popping into the village for lunch and visitnig the church.


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