Friday, 7 September 2012

Drinks bill...

We received this Email  from EDF our electricity supplier.

Chère cliente,

Vous avez choisi le Service Relevé Confiance et nous vous en félicitons. Vous recevez ainsi des factures calculées sur vos consommations réelles.

Nous vous invitons à nous transmettre le relevé de vos consommations avant le 20/09/2012, délai limite de prise en compte, afin d’établir votre prochaine facture, conformément au relevé que vous aurez effectué.

Google was kind enough to offer this translation.

Dear Customer,

You have selected Service Trust Statement and we congratulate you. You receive bills and calculated on your actual consumption.

We invite you to send us a statement of your drinks before 09.20.2012, deadline for consideration to establish your next bill, according to the statement you have made.

Now that could be embarrassing! 


  1. Great stuff Google translate. I was reading a translated article in Nouvelle Republique which referred to a farmer losing his sheep and his tool!! Poor chap...

  2. Google translate is so funny. I once wanted to leave a comment on a blog "nice bottom" (don't ask as I won't explain!) and it translated as "le fond de Nice", which is not quite the same !!