Sunday, 2 September 2012

Church on Sunday...St.Etienne,Tours

We are staying in Tours for this Sunday's church, visiting a church that perhaps gets visited by few tourists because of its competition from churches and cathedral north of the boulevards (Béranger and Heurteloup)

The church of Saint Etienne (Place Michelet)  we see today was built between 1869 and 1874 after a few false starts with temporary churches serving a local community (Saint-Etienne) that was only annexed by the city of Tours in 1846, I'm sure the people of the area thought it worth waiting for...

Its neo-Gothic style is a joy with three pillared aisles supporting a beautiful ceiling.


The side chapels and transept windows are again works of the Lobin workshops -you can see much better photographs than mine here


Looking from the alter towards the entrance.

These two fine specimens look down on you as you leave the church -who and why is uncertain.

There are large shells holding holy water for blessing yourself as you enter the church.

Where's Joan ?

Pas de Joan!

Exterior view of this fine church.

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  1. Not a church if it has no Joan!!!! Thats why it definately gets visited by few tourists....