Thursday, 13 September 2012

Two strikes and you're out...

Almost a year ago we reviewed the 'Relais de la Mothe' restaurant in Yzeures-sur-Creuse and although it wasn't a great experience we did agree that we should give it a second chance. Well it took a long time but yesterday with friends we visited it again for lunch, sadly we were not impressed. We went for the lunchtime menu of main course and 'café gourmand' at 14€. The main consisted of a not large fish 'parcel' including a vegetable selection that left you looking around for something to add some sustenance. At least we had the 'café gourmand' to look forward to. Sadly, when it did arrive it bore little resemblance to what we have become used to here in the Loire Valley - you would normally see at least three samples of desserts sitting beside your coffee but not here...this is what we got.

The restaurant had only two tables for lunch which perhaps tells its own story. The staff were very pleasant but the general consensus was that it will be another long time before we are back. 


  1. This is very much in contrast to our experience of eating there in July - I will be posting about it eventually - but we had a lovely meal for the same price. Maybe it depends on the day, but we decided we would definitely be going back !!

  2. We all know it can be a bit of a 'hit or a miss', we recently had lunch at the Auberge du Grebe in Lureuil where we have only ever had good food and service but it took 3 hours for lunch as she was so so busy, (in contrast to the Relais de la Mothe) and should not have taken so many covers. So you have to take it as you find it and tell it like it is but glad your experience was good.