Sunday, 20 January 2013

Church on Sunday...St.Paul's, Paris

The St-Paul-St-Louis Church can be found squeezed between blocks on Rue Saint Antoine in the Marais district of Paris. The church was built between 1627 and 1641 in the Jesuit architectural style. Its design is said to be based on the Gesú church in Rome. If you are visiting one of the other attractions in the area you should make a point of popping in - you won't be disappointed!

The first Mass here was celebrated on Ascension Day, May 9, 1641 by none other than Cardinal Richelieu you can imagine the pomp and ceremony that day.

Looking up is a delight to the eyes, even on a dull day light filters in through the many windows of the church's 63 metre high dome and galleries.

The architectural detail is amazing.

Due to its proximity to the Bastille the church was badly ransacked during the start of the French Revolution.but it has been restored to its former glory aided by the inclusion of some paintings, one of them is 'Christ in the Garden of Olives' by Eugene Delacroix (French Romantic artist) hangs in the left transept of the church.

Built in 1867 the organ is rather impressive, its wooden housing is actually recognized as an historic monument. 

Where's Joan...she's here in all her glory.

Love the big red  front door!

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  1. That front door certainly makes a statement. Could it be Cardinal Richelieu red??