Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Meeting your Paris neighbours...

When we stayed with Richard and Francoise In Paris on the way home from Scotland we took the opportunity to introduce them to a nearby neighbour of theirs - much to their surprise!

 As it happens French friends of ours who have a holiday home in Barrou stay within a shot walk of them. We were invited round for an aperitif and the introductions were made - with hopefully the beginning of new friendships. It is certainly a small world.


  1. It certainly is a small world. Our son is at Lancaster University. One of his best friends there is a French guy from Paris. Fabien's parents know Le P-P. They have a holiday home in Pleumartin!

  2. Sure is...not wishing to outdo you,a couple of New Year's Eves ago we were introduced to my brother Robert's Son-in-law who was born in Fife of a French father, he knew we were living in this part of France and said his father had in fact come from here,though we probably wouldn't know it as it was a small village - he was born in Abilly!!!