Saturday, 19 January 2013

French sales...

After visiting the Musee Carnvalet in the Marais district of Paris last weekend my brother Richard wanted to pop into the 'no brand' store 'Muji' to buy a kitchen utensil - he is good in the kitchen,though not quite as good as Francoise  who said he didn't need it. Interesting shop which had some handy items- this one obviously had Francoise and Pauline intrigued.

They were pretending to be testing out the sofa when in fact they were just resting their weary legs.

At this time of year the sales 'Les Soldes' are on  - did you know that in France, there are only two 'legal' sale periods - the winter sales (Soldes d'hiver) that start in January and the summer sales (Soldes d'été) that start on the last Wednesday in June.Just along the street from 'Muji' there was a store having an unusual sale - not really sure what was on offer!

Please excuse the language!!

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  1. How disappointing; You could have gone in to see what was on offer!!