Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Prêt-à-manger, Paris style...

 During our walk around the Marais district of Paris, Richard and Francoise suggested we head along Rue des Rosiers to 'L'As du Fallafel' to sample what is said to be the best Falafel in Paris. What they forgot was that is closed on Saturdays (the day of our visit) respecting I suspect the Jewish Sabbath - Marais  has a large Jewish community (as well as a large gay community). The establishment across the street however was obviously not as observant and was taking advantage of the closure - I wonder if it only opens Friday pm and Saturdays? - it did have a 'temporary' feel to it.

We joined the small queue and were soon in possession of our various 'takes' on this middle eastern dish.

Pauline and Francoise had the vegetarian option (above) while Richard and I had the lamb and turkey  option. Now I have only ever had lamb carved from a rotating spit once in my life - post-pub obviously - when drink induced hunger demanded salt and fat in some form or other - I did not particularly enjoy it and it only served to convince me that it was not for me! I think the vision of a piece of meat that looks nothing like any animal I am aware of doesn't help matters. Notwithstanding the meat shavings I rather enjoyed the messy combination of 'things that I pointed to' served in a hollow pita bread. We ate on the pavement with fellow diners some of whom were better dressed for the occasion. 

Replete, we continued our walk.

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