Saturday, 26 January 2013


Way back in 2009 we bought a towel radiator from the above store - due to some bad project planning on my behalf it wasn't actually fitted until over a year later (must have been on sale). After it was installed it was fine for a couple of years but suddenly stopped working. It was not used that often as it was in 'Les Balcons' and we only do summer lets,so it was a bit disappointing. Thinking it was sure to be out of the guarantee period we bought a replacement (different type obviously) but I kept the old one as it was still 'brand new' and perhaps I could fix whatever problem it had - into storage it went for me to look at in my spare time!

Imagine our surprise on our return home from Scotland to find among our mail a letter from Leroy Merlin telling us these radiators had in fact been faulty and should be returned to the store for exchange!

Now I wonder how many people still had them after this time? Anyway on Thursday I went into one of my my 'storage areas' and retrieved said item and took it back to the store in Poitiers with the receipt that Pauline's efficient filling system had no problem in producing,

They handled it as if bought yesterday and when we told them we had already replaced it they said it was not a problem and immediately credited our card with the value (at today's price) plus gave us a voucher for €30 for our trouble - who said customer service was dead?

Now this little story highlights a couple of things about us - my inability to throw anything out and Pauline's obsession with receipts / paperwork - but on this occasion these little foibles were to our advantage. Now as Pauline says if we could turn all the items I have stored away into capital in this way we might get a nice holiday out of it!


  1. I very much doubt that my filing system will match up to Pauline's, but Tim's inability to throw anything away is certainly on a par, if not worse, than yours! ;o)

  2. You have not seen our barn or garage!!!

  3. Which just goes to prove that good service can be had in France, which is not what we are led to believe.

  4. I think my Pauline would say the same as Gaynor... it must be an 'im thing?

  5. You just never know when something will come in handy...they don't understand! Fortunately I've had the rare occasion when I have produced the answer to a problem from within the bowels of my stored items - though probably not enough to justify my 'hoarding''