Friday, 11 January 2013

Epsom...salt of the earth!

Staying at Pauline's sister's in Epsom for a couple of days before catching the ferry back over to France. Here are a couple of shots of the high street.

Was checking out if Epsom Salts actually connected to the town and found this information on this French website : "In the early 1600's, a farmer at Epsom Surrey England found his cow's drinking water healed scratches and rashes. Soon, the locals started to talk and the water became known for its healing properties and it was discovered that the healing properties were due to the mineral magnesium sulfate in the water. Named after the town, Epsom salt was prepared by boiling down the mineral waters found at the springs that arise where the non-porous London clay meets the porous chalk of the North Downs. Today Epsom Salt is obtained mostly from mining operations."


  1. It would make the ideal 'twin town' for our neighbour nearby us here
    in Barrou - -
    with its racecourse,golf course and spa connection.