Wednesday, 6 February 2013

€ 1.00 coffee in Paris? - yes you can!

When we were out and about recently in Paris with Richard and Francoise they said they would take us to a local cafe where you could get a coffee for € 1.00  - in Paris? - surely not! We went along to 'Caves Populaires' or was that 'Caves du Chalet' - anyway whatever the name, sure enough there it was on offer € 1.00 coffee! As it happens we decided on a glass of wine - I actually had a Touraine blanc to support our local vintners - very nice too We also had cheese and charcuterie for two that fed the four of us - great - and all for € 22.00. The place itself is simply decorated with very pleasant staff - we'll go back.

As it happens in my continuing research for I actually found out that the € 1.00 coffee is not actually so rare - there around 100 establishment offering this -you can check their location here on the website.

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