Sunday, 24 February 2013

Church on Sunday...Bossee

Today we visit visit the church of Saint-Laurent in the village of Bossee. The original church was built in the 11th century with the nave, south transept transept and apse still remaining from that period.

The square tower and south wall are from the 12th century with the octagonal spire steeple dating from 1720

The church is currently in a poor state of repair with rather obvious repairs above the 19th century stained glass windows by Touraine master glass maker Julien Fournier. 

There is more evidence of work needing done within the side alters of the church.

Where's Joan?

 She's represented by an impressive stained glass window within the church.

There is a rather ancient side door to the nave  

Which is equally enchanting from the outside.

The church's steeple has a rather unusual weathervane for the region - a crescent moon.

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