Sunday, 17 February 2013

Church on Sunday...return to Montrichard

Small can be beautiful...

We return this Sunday to Montrichard, last week we featured the church of Notre-Dame de Nanteuil in the town but there is also L'église Sainte Croix which is built in to the castle fortifications - its here that Jeanne de Valois, who could not have children, married her cousin the Duc d'Orléans, who subsequently became King Louis XII -the marriage was later annulled to allow him to marry Anne of Brittany - ah the French Royals and their politics! Sadly when we have visited we have never found it open. 

Because of this we sought out the other religious buildings in the town ,the aforementioned Notre-Dame de Nanteuil and then the pretty little chapel of the 'Hotel d'Effiat'...

a small building squeezed into Rue Porte au Roi

Inside is surprising....

 for such a small place it had many statues but I have to confess 'pas de Joan'. 

The simplicity of some of the interior detail made it quite charming.

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