Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Girls on Tour 2013

Anne, Francoise & Babs in Berlin 2011

It is that time of the year again.  My sister-in-law and her cousin, both French, have a city break each year with me and another Scottish friend.  Over the last 9 years we have visited many destinations and have had many varied experiences, notwithsatanding our permanent loirevalley experience. This year's destination currently under investigation is Krakow.  As lamented in a previous post there seems to be a conspiracy by the cheap flight operators to keep the Scots in Scotland.  Babs lives in Aberdeen, which although still benefiting from North Sea Oil and the incumbent prosperity is still not easily served by low cost airlines. Last year's foray to Granada was very expensive and involved 2 changes for her, not to mention the time taken. This year we are proposing an Autumn break.  Usually we go around April/May but it is difficult to agree dates because of work and family committments then.

Easyjet are offering reasonably priced flights from Paris CDG and factoring in Babs' travel costs and times, Aberdeen compares favourably. Research is showing Krakow to be a very interesting city, with plenty of interesting things to do and see.  A lot of them seem to be free of charge, which for me and my Scottish friend is even better.  Eating out seems to be reasonable with a good many varieties of cuisine available at a reasonable cost.

I have volunteered to check out accommodation this year, usually preferring to leave it up to others. Babs booked our first trip and the apartment in Barcelona was amazing, well located, well appointed and reasonably priced, so the bar was set high.  So far the quality of apartments that I have looked at have been of a high standard and reasonably priced.  It is interesting for me to approach holiday rentals from the other side.  Normally it is I answering the enquiries. 

Some of our more memorable trips were Barcelona, Venice, Rome, Berlin and Granada, although everywhere has had something unique to offer.

One thing that I have learned is that packing a tried and trusted pair of comfortable shoes is top priority.

I look forward to finalising the arrangements and enjoying some well earned R&R at the end of the season.

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