Friday, 8 February 2013

Whatever happened to cheap flights?

When we first started visiting this area of France in 2004, before we re-located, we were able to fly to Tours or Poitiers from Prestwick(10minutes from my mother in Ayr, and ironically £10 in a taxi)  via Stansted courtesy of Ryanair for the  princely sum of £10 per flight. When we moved here in 2008, I was able to make regular visits to Scotland easily and cheaply, unfortunately Ryanair no longer fly from Stansted to Prestwick making air travel for us very difficult.

 I ( Pauline) have had occasion to try to get back to Scotland for a wedding at the end of May.  As it is during the letting season, I cannot afford to stay long. Trying to co-ordinate flights is proving to be a nightmare. I can fly to London Stansted from Tours or Poitiers on certain days of the week and get a flight to Glasgow with Easyjet.  It is then necessary to get 2 buses or a bus and a train to Ayr from Glasgow airport or hire a car. To come back I cannot get to Glasgow airport, unless I hire a car, in time to catch a flight to Stansted.  Academic, as the flight to France leaves before the Scottish flight gets in. Other options include Tours to Dublin, Dublin to Prestwick, but coming back it is again difficult to co-ordinate flights from Prestwick to tie in with the flight to Tours.  Another option is CDG to Glasgow but involves train travel to Paris and buses to and from the airpport.  In short, a £60, straightforward return journey has escalated into a very costly exercise in excess of £200 and involving a great deal of research in order to co-ordinate flights.  I have decided that I have to decline the invitation and pay a flying visit to my Mum at a time when flights are not too expensive and I am not having to be there for a certain event.Maybe I should have learned to ride a Harley like Jean.

On a recent visit to Scotland we met up with some friends, who like us relied on Ryanair to get them to and from London Stansted and Prestwick.  They are finding the same problems, increased costs and inconvenience with travelling times.  We all agreed that while we are aware of the bad press afforded to Ryanair, their prices are value for money and that as long as you do not expect too much from them, you will not be disappointed...if you can find a flight!.

The video below still makes me smile and hanker after those cheap flights.


  1. Fantastic, despite seeing the video many times It still makes us laugh... You could always hitch hike back!

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