Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Feast of St Blaise

Today is the annual Fete de la Saint-Blaise here in Barrou.  A test of endurance, as indicated by the above menu.  The morning starts with a service in the local church. Complete with dignitaries and brass band.  This is followed by a reception in the Salles de Fete, which is attended by the Mayor.  Aperitifs are served.  Everyone, then adjourns to the grand chapiteau, where for the next 4-5 hours we are fed generous helpings of food accompanied by various local wines.  For the more intrepid amongst us the banquet is followed by a ball.

Jim and I enjoy this challenging day out.  We usually go with our neighbour, David, but a couple of years ago we flew solo and had to communicate for ourselves as the only non-French attendees. It is pleasing to see a lot of the villagers en masse.  The atmosphere is convivial and there is usually an open mike.  Jim, never one to shy away from an opportunity to perform,normally gives a turn and has been learning to sing in French this year.  It is always interesting to hear well known classics such as Viva Espagne and the birdie song sung in French.  When trying to decide what to sing this year, it was suggested that Jim should look at translating The Lion Sleeps Tonight.  We then discovered that this has been done and this 'Youtube' recording by Henri Salvador has engendered a great deal of interest.

We will be coming round later with sponsor sheets.  All proceeds to go to the RSPG (Royal Society for the Prevention of Gluttony).


  1. Bonne chance!

    Perhaps you could video Jim's turn and upload it to blogger...

    1. Sorry I forgot the video camera. The background noise tends to distort the sound anyway, at least that is Jim's excuse. Had a very surreal day. Embarassingly we won 3 raffle prizes. Decided to go to the disco fo a bit of Dad dancing. Very tired today.