Sunday, 2 June 2013

Church on Sunday...Notre-Dame-le-Grande

Last week we revisited Poitiers as Tourists a thing we had not done for a few years, so today we give you what is probably its finest monument…the Romanesque church of Notre-Dame-la-Grande .

The church dates from around the late 11th century to early 12th century and its façade is credited with being one of the finest in all of France.It portrays a variety of Christian stories including the life of Jesus. My close-up pics didn't do it justice but you can see more detail here 

 Inside is impressive with its dark barrel vaulted nave with its painted columns (19th century) adding to the drama.

A statue of the virgin Mary sits in the choir of the church under one of its few remaining frescoes. The statue is said to have miraculous properties and used to be carried in procession around the city every Easter.

There is an impressive sculpture depicting the 'Entombment of Christ' in the Fou chapel of the church

The narrow side aisles are rather garish but interesting.

Where's Joan?

She is here in a fine form standing beneath her own dedicated window but again my pic was poor of this...have to go back.

 The church and indeed the city was well worth another visit.

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