Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Never ceases to amaze...

Ah, Southern Touraine, she never fails to surprise us!
On Sunday afternoon we went along to listen to a concert from a group of artists comprising of  Arko Mukhaerjee (India) guitar and vocals, Anna Tanvir (Ireland) Celtic harp and vocals, Ritoban Ludo Das (India) percussion who were joined by Yann Beaujouan (France) guitar and vocals for a few numbers.. They are exposing the world to the folk music of the 'Bauls' of Bengal,India. The 'Bauls' are not only singers they are a Bengali religious sect who seek to spread their thoughts and teachings through their songs. It will never be my favourite genre of music but it was delivered with passion by very accomplished musicians.

Now, it was not the music that surprised us as we had already had a taste of it from a previous concert in a small cafe venue in Loches last week...

...what was surprising was the wonderful little theatre. The intimate 'Petit Theatre des Balcons' is the passion of its current custodian Patrice Arnould. You can see a video here on the theatre's website which will give you a taste of what's on offer.Who would have thought that here in the small village of Ferrière-Larçon there would be this little gem of a place.

Back to the music... unlike at Loches the 'group' took us on a journey through the music of different countries. Patrice joined the other musicians on recorder for my favourite of the set 'Wild mountain Thyme' (no surprise there then).

If you get the chance you should take in an event here in the future.

Found this video of Arko and his band 'Fiddler's Green' doing, I suspect, the type of music where his heart lies.


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