Monday, 17 June 2013

My attempts at re-cycling...

Yesterday was the annual 'Fête de la confiture' at nearby Abilly. As usual there were a number of clashing 'events' here in Southern Touraine so we had choose wisely.

The 'jam festival' includes a 'vide graniers' and this years had the usual suspects along with some interesting items...wanted these but Pauline wasn't having it! There was a couple of bicycles that I nearly got her interested in at 15 euros each though the logistics of getting them home proved to be a deal breaker,even though our friends who had brought us here did offer to make a special return trip - how kind. I also enquired about a couple of smart bicycles I spotted on the way round only to be told that the owners had just cycled here and were hoping to return using them!!!

There was the usual mix of items and stalls,which did include some jam...

with this years street entertainment was provided by a drumming juggling combo...preferred last years.

This years judging panel sitting as ever in their lofty position...with as ever, no one paying any attention to them!

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