Sunday, 23 June 2013

Church on Sunday...Saint-Nicolas Saumur

This week we head over to Saumur and the 12th century church of Saint-Nicolas. Apparently it was originally the church of the boatmen of the town and was called Saint.-Nicholas-des-Rives (of the riverbank), Saint-Nicolas is the patron saint of  merchants and sailors. Like so many more French churches it has evolved over the centuries with the final major works of the addition of the tower and the choir at the end of the 19th century.

Above the main entrance to the church is an impressive mosaic depicting Saint Nicolas and I think St.Martin. The mosaics which date from the middle of the 20th century are featured inside the church as well. 

Inside consists of three impressive naves...

...that lead to the choir, the style of which matches the original 12 th centurydesign.

It is the side chapels that again feature the mosaics with collages featuring a variety of religious events including the 'flight into Egypt' and the 'Assumption'.

The pulpit must be one of the best I've seen here in France...

 ...and if you were getting baptised this wouldn't be a bad choice of location! 

There are many architectural features to catch your eye...

 ...including the massive supporting pillars

 Where's Joan?

 Playing slightly second fiddle to her backdrop but still reasonably prominent.

 What I have come to love about many French churches is their ability to give little clue externally to the pleasures that await you Saint-Nicolas.

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