Saturday, 22 June 2013

I feel it in my fingers...

Norman and Margaret, friends and neighbours here in Barrou introduced us to friends of theirs over dinner last summer. Mike and Judith have a  property in a hamlet outside of La Roche Posay and it was obvious that Mike was a man who had to continuously have a 'project' on the go . One such project intrigued me - one thing they didn't get when  they bought the house was a cellar. So what did Mike do - he dug one out under the floor of his barn ...of course he did...wouldn't anyone?  

One of the the things that I have noticed about my wall building and other projects here is the effect they have on my hands and fingers, with my age probably also contributing a lot, stiffness and light pain after a day of lifting and chipping.(hence the post title,appropriately enough from a 'Trogs' song)

Well, just the thought of starting a project like Mike's cave has my fingers tingling!

 Unbelievable, and apparently mostly done by a cheap hammer drill he bought on 'special' from Lidl!

  It has lighting, air circulation and more importantly wine!

Not content with this project he has also made a lovely gite in the neighbouring property they acquired. He is offering it for rent this year for the first time at a very competitive rate so if you want a quiet location in the countryside with good access to La Brenne nature reserve you can contact him through us. 

Mike had a slight problem with his hammer drill near the end of his project and had it repaired under the guarantee, ' fair use' clause obviously didn't apply! Me? I would have buried it with full military honours!!


  1. Great project... I hope its waterproof!!! More importantly where did Mike get those wine racks?? Just what we need.

  2. WOW! Not your usual earth floor job. Bravo, Mike.