Tuesday, 9 June 2015

All a question of taste part II...beer in Neuville-de-Poitou

During our tasting day out last Thursday in the Vienne...wine as an aperitif to lunch was followed by a visit to the department's only micro-brewery  'Brewery Bellefois' for some beer tasting.

We actually arrived here just before lunchtime but as it was Friday the shop didn't open until 2.00pm (same on a Tuesday...ah 'La Belle France') as we had some time to kill, rather than hang around waiting for their restaurant to open we decided to drive to the next village,Vouillé, to see what we could find.

We found the 'Cheval Blanc' a 'Logis' hotel with a lovely terrace.

Where we had a lovely lunch.

Pauline was happy with the choice!

After lunch we returned to the now opened brewery only to be told they did not do 'tastings'...you had to go to their brasserie next door and buy some. The restaurant was just finishing their lunch service but were happy to serve us just beer on their terrace. This looked like a good place to eat as well, so you could have the choice of here or the 'Cheval Blanc' if you come to sample their wares. 

To link their beers to the region they have given them names of the dates of famous local 'battles'...'507 Clovis' for example for the 'battle of Vouille' (had we not just eaten there?) Liz, who doesn't like beer asked for a glass of wine but the charming man at the bar said that outside of restaurant times their license only allowed to sell beer ???...ah 'La Belle France' encore. Told him he would have to come with me to explain to her...and he did...nice chap. I liked the dark beer in the above pic best with Mike opting for the one beside it...though we, Pauline included, tried them all with a reasonable amount of gusto. 

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  1. Missed this....
    excellent beers...
    always have some in the house!
    And I agree with you on the drinking them all with Gusto!!
    Trouble is...
    Gusto is too thirsty!