Saturday, 6 June 2015

All a question of taste part I...wines 'Val de Loire'

On Thursday we accompanied friends Mike and Liz over to 'La Vienne' for a spot of wine tasting at the cave de producteurs in Neuville de Poitou

They had bought their 'Haut Poitou' wines here in the past but since their last visit it has been taken over by Frédéric Brochet under the umbrella of his Ampelidae brand .

It is bright and modern and quite an investment...from the man who is quoted as saying "I would have believed that I had to stay in the shade of Sancerre, Burgundy or whatever. Which now I don’t  – I am convinced I can do better than either!"...a bold statement. 

We liked and bought his 'Marigny Neuf' Sauvignon blanc but are not qualified to comment on how it compares.His wines are marketed under the 'Val de Loire' label which on the face of it seems like stretching the boundaries just a little bit too far (the vineyards are in 'La Vienne') but as their very good local stockist in Descartes (Le Dit Vin) informed us "Le Haut-Poitou is part of Val de Loire, which is a very big wine producing area, going from the Atlantic Coast (Nantes) as far over as Sancerre/ Menetou so it is normal to see Val de Loire on the labels" 

You can find a good interactive map explaining this here.


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