Sunday, 28 June 2015

Church on Sunday...Saint Marcellin in La Guerche

On a recent visit to nearby La Guerche we were surprised to see the church door opened as we had tried a few times in the past to view the interior, only to find it locked'

The original church dates from the first half of the 12th century  with remedial work having to be done in the late 15th century when part of the building collapsed.

 A chapel was added in the early 16th century by the then Viscount of La Guerche which changed the look of the church both internally and externally.

The small earlier chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The 19th century saw major restoration work taking place bringing together local architects and businessmen.

 The baptismal font.

Example of the churches 'stations of the cross'.

Where's Joan? She's here with a little companion (?)

Some external shots showing the various stages of restoration work.

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