Saturday, 22 July 2017

A walk around beautiful Montsoreau in the Loire Valley

Last week we went over to Montsoreau on the river Loire. It is listed as 'one of the most beautiful villages in France' and while it isn't immediately obvious why it should be, once you stroll through its narrow streets, around its quayside chateau and take in the views over the Loire it becomes clear.

There is a marked walk that takes you along the quayside past what was once a thriving harbour up the narrow streets behind the chateau.

This photo looks as if the chateau has some fine gardens but it is actually the garden of a house that looks over it.The chateau doesn't actually have a large footprint as its position, originally directly on the riverbank before they built the road,acted as a 'toll booth' controlling the river traffic. 

The floating restaurant.

This is the view looking back upriver toward the confluence of the river Loire and Vienne. 

Hollyhocks line many of the lanes.

The route is popular with both walkers and cyclists 

Though parts of it are a little challenging,

If you haven't taken this route then we would encourage you to do so, it is a lovely walk...

and you can reward yourself, as we did with lunch on the square before our afternoon adventure!

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  1. Lovely pics. We did a bit of this walk at Easter. Wonderful!