Sunday, 2 July 2017

Mother nature...and the best laid plans.

As ever the hard work of the  local volunteers brought us  another festival that the village can be proud of...such a shame that the only element they can't control decided to show its hand in the form of a downpour in the early evening which probably put many potential visitors off, which was a pity. Enjoyed a singalong with some fellow fans to the Beatles tribute act...who's lead singer donned a pair of shades and became Elvis later in the evening! Well done Barrou!


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  1. It wasn't so much the rain that put us off.... it was the damp and the perpetual problems of access. Pauline is pretty much restricted to the top level of the slope... and the last two years we've had to contend with the mini-stage and its wires just by the entrance and before the seating.
    The cold and the damp just nailed it!!