Saturday, 15 July 2017

That was the week that was - in the Loire Valley

At this time of year we  board the /runaway train/ (Pauline's analogy) as we are, fortunately, kept busy with our vacation rentals but also caught up with local events and socialising with our friends who are over for the summer. The last seven days is a fairly typical (?) week:

Last Friday night was  'Soiree Irlandaise' in Le Grand-Pressigny  and we returned there on Saturday to prepare for our latest guests, They were arriving on Sunday so we concentrated on the interior of Les Balcons as it was sooo hot, with a view to doing the garden in the cool of the morning on the Sunday.

In the evening we joined friends for pizza at the restaurant here in Barrou then we all went to the bridge at Lesigny for the joint village firework display.

Afterwards we accepted an invitation for a 'night-cap' which meant a late night...

and a late start at Les Balcons on Sunday.

On Sunday evening we had an invitation to join our neighbour for an apero which lead to him asking us to stay for a BBQ which we were happy to accept.

Tuesday I had to go and cut the grass at a clients garden in the morning then back to La Guerche in the afternoon.

On Wednesday we joined friends on a mini road-trip into the La Vienne, where we had the advantage of their 'local knowledge' to do a bit of treasure hunting at  various brocante places plus did a bit of sightseeing and lunch.

On Thursday we joined other friends for a trip up to the Loire river at  where we did the walk around the village.

Followed by lunch, then on to the troglodytes at nearby Souzay-Champigny then back for a walk around the village of Turquant.

This is a very interesting strch of the river Loire which also includes the very pretty Candes-St-Martin

In the evening we  joined friends for a musical soiree over in Lesigny

Yesterday we started to prepare Le Bourg for guests arriving on Sunday and in the evening we did nothing!

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