Saturday, 1 July 2017

You have to be lucky sometimes...project work

Continuing to work on our 'project' over at La Guerche when I can. The salon and kitchen have now been formed and sheeted out. The little arched window proved a bit of a challenge as not only is it arched but it slops up as well. The first job was to repair the damage to the wall...never did understand why previous owner had hacked away at it! 

I left the plasterboarding of it until last within the room as it demanded a bit of thought.I had formed arches before, at Les Balcons, 

arch at Les Balcons

using the metal rails, so that part was ok but forming the sloping arch was a different matter.

As I was fetching a piece of platerboard from the courtyard I noticed an off-cut of composite board I used to afix the electrical consumer unit to was leaning against the wall. It had been there long enough for it to misshape to form an ARCH. I have mentioned before of how when looking for a particular piece of wood that I often find what I am looking for and sometimes (too many) don't even have to cut it!! Well guess what,the board had conveniently formed itself into the perfect shape for the arch!

Lucky or what!

For good measure I added a window seat to allow you to take in the view of our neighbour's house.

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  1. That's great, Jim! It takes skill to spot what you need when you're really looking for a different solution. It happens; but it relies on having an eye it! xxx (E)