Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Going underground for my birthday...

For my birthday yesterday we managed to cram in a reasonably busy day. We were joined by friends Mike and Liz on a day that started really well for me - a visit to the 'chocolaterie' in Manthelan for a spot of 'tasting' and buying, highly recommend it!

Then we headed over to our favourite vintner for a spot of wine tasting (as if we need to) and buying.As it was nearing lunchtime we were joined in an apero by our delightful host.

Lunch was at  ‘Le Pied dans le plat' just outside Charge.

After lunch we headed over to Bourré to do a little research in the mushroom caves and 'La Ville Souterraine'

Interesting though 'La Ville Souterraine' is, it is a bit of a misnomer as it proved to be a very small section of the caves amounting to part of a street rather than a 'ville'

Back to Barrou and an invite to the Old Walnut Mill from our current guests to join them for a bite to eat and a few drinks - all in all a very good day !

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