Friday, 21 July 2017

Opening soon...another place to rummage.

Last couple of times we have driven through La Roche Posay we have noticed some activity on the building opposite the 'Restaurant de la Gare on the bad bend on the D5. As we passed again yesterday its purpose was revealed. We stopped and spoke to a lady (English we think) who let us know in French, that it should be open in a couple of weeks time...including the 'salon de the'.
Another place for our band of treasure hunters to rummage in. 


  1. espérons que ce ne sera pas une creperie où une pizzeria ... mais un vrai restaurant avec un "vrai" chef qui fait la "vraie" cuisine :) à suivre ....

  2. I wonder if she'll do a 'proppa cuppa'..... and not the awful, weak as dishwater, luke-warm French stuff.
    Still all power and all that.... and, you forgot to mention, another source of home furnishings for your projects!!

  3. One of the few things I miss when in France is a proper tea shop!