Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The ups and downs of walking.

For last Thursday's Le Grand-Pressigny Randonnee club outing we went for walk up behind Leugny just across the river Creuse.

We had,yet again, a fine day weather wise for it.

It was obvious from the surrounding terrain that is was going to be a day of climbs but what we didn't expect was once we cleared the woods in to a valley, we would be climbing uphill on the other side!

Some of the club members use trekking poles which on today's walk looked like a good idea! 

Along the walk we passed this little house which was for sale and as our French friends let us know it had been here since before the Revolution (there was a date above the window), obviously solidly built!.


We encountered a couple of obstacles on route implying we should perhaps not be walking the route but  it was a case of  clambering under tapes without any real trouble. Not sure if it is a rambler / hunter thing but we just follow our leader.

There was a bit of mushroom foraging as we walked but not these! 

This  horse seemed surprised to have so many visitors.

This was the scene on the return end of the walk...uphill again!

Those trekking poles came into their own.

The top of this particular hill seemed to have its own micro-climate with palms doing well alongside vines.

This cabin seemed to be giving us the wink to let us know we were on the last leg of the walk, which was thankfully downhill.

At this point we had to decide if we were walkers, riders or cyclists - the walkers lost out as our leader took us to the left!

As it happened we ended up on the walking route anyway.

On the way down there was a tree apparently in need of a hug.

There was the occasional break in the trees on the decent which offered lovely views ove the Creuse valley.

Just before the end of the walk you could partake of the miraculous water of the 'Fountain of Saint Hilaire' which cures eye problems but none of the glasses wearers cast them aside after a visit.

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