Sunday, 8 October 2017

L'art & Lard 2017

Lest you forget!

We had a lovely day yesterday for the annual 'L'art & Lard' festival in Le Petit-Pressigny. This year we decided to go on the first day as the weather forecast for the Sunday wasn't good plus our friends in 'Celtiqua' were providing a musical set for part of the afternoon.

What this meant however was that we missed the 'English tearoom' and the 'Commercants de bouche' which were only here on the Sunday.

The art on display was, as usual, very interesting!

Yesterday's event did include the Artisan 'village' which had a familiar feel to it with many  returning to show of their undoubted talents.

As we have said in the past one of the highlights is the way some of the artist's work is displayed in gardens,barns and caves throughout the village.

This fellow is a former mayor of La Roche Posay - as the ticket tells us.

In a great bit of recycling the baskets above are made from the pages of old magazines!

The lavoir of the village is somewhat comically set out as it may have been when it was used in the past,below isn't an art instillation, although it could be, it was just someone's washing - hope they don't mind!  

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