Friday, 13 October 2017

Walking around Cussay

Yesterday's walk with Le Grand-Pressigny Randonnee club took us out into the countryside around the nearby village of Cussay.

As we started out we were leaving a rather dull morning behind us and heading into a rather fine October afternoon.

On what appears to be a pretty flat landscape we always  seem to find enough inclines to keep it slightly challenging.

The group often gets split due to chatting,foraging or simply different pace setters but our leader gets us back together at the appropriate times for a water break. 

This little fellow's camouflage was almost his undoing but was spotted in time to save him being trodden underfoot!

Autumn collage.

We appeared to have had two 'Diddymen' in the group!

After about 10km it was good to see civilization again though it was as ever just a tease with our leader taking us down a leafy lane in a different direction...

but it had its compensations.

We  did then, happily, get back to our starting point...another good walk.

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